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We've got the tools and the expertise to keep your car clean, inside and out. Our wash packages let you pay for the services you want, including:

  • Tommy Guard® and Body Wax®
  • Wheel cleaning and tire gloss
  • Underbody flush and spot free rinse

dual hose vacuum image


Our vacuums are available as you exit the car wash. The dual-hose design allows you to easily clean all areas of your car.

  • Integrated sun canopy
  • Dual hose design
  • Cleaning kit vending boxes
shiny tire image

Tire Shine

As your vehicle exits the tunnel, our tire gloss applicator applies a protective gloss coating to keep your tires shiny and looking their best.

  • Included in our best wash
  • Gentle bristle applicator

Wash Features

car wash tunnel diagram

Our Equipment

As front-runners in the car wash industry, our facilities use the most modern equipment to ensure a clean car. Our machinery automatically adjusts to every vehicle size and shape to ensure that every surface is evenly cleaned.

tommy transporter belt

Tommy Transporter Belt

Our dual belt conveyor makes it easy to enter and leave the wash. Simply put your car into neutral and enjoy the ride.

  • Easy car alignment
  • No braking needed
rainbow coat arch image

Rainbow Coat ®

A favorite for visitors of all ages. This service applies an additional colorful rainbow of gentle foam, providing the deepest possible clean.

body wax arch image

Body Wax ®

Tommy’s Express delivers an exclusive hot wax formula that provides impressive carnauba wax protection and shine.

tommy guard image

Tommy Guard ®

Tommy Guard® protects your car from the elements, provides a long lasting shine and keeps your car looking brand new.

red hot cleanser image

Red Hot Cleanser

Get your car ready for the shine of its life with a cascade of LED-illuminated, dirt-penetrating foam.

mat washing station

Mat Washing

Make sure your car is clean inside and out with these automatic mat washing stations, conveniently placed near the vacuum area.

Wash Packages

Our sites offer a menu of wash packages, which give you the flexibility to only pay for the services you want. Visit the location page to view complete wash package information for any Tommy's Express site.